Sep 5, 2006

DiSC Profile Patterns - Occupational Analysis

The DiSC Profile is more and more frequently being used as a pre-hiring tool. We frequently receive questions from clients asking us which DiSC patterns are typical for certain occupations. To answer this, we have provided some information below, provided by Inscape Publishing, creator of the DiSC Profile (2002).

Customer Service:

Perfectionist Pattern (25%)
Secondaries: Specialist (13%) and Counselor (11%)


Top 3 Patterns: Result-Oriented (17%) , Inspirational (15%) , Creative (14%)


Inspirational (17%), Promoter (16%), Result-Oriented (12%)


Perfectionist Pattern (29%)
Secondaries: Specialist (10%), Creative (9%)


Perfectionist Pattern (33%)
Secondaries: Specialist (10%), Counselor (9%)

To get the greatest understanding of how a candidate's DiSC profile compares to your particular job, we highly recommend completing a DiSC Role Behavior Analysis. All jobs are different depending on the clientele, industry, work environment, etc.

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