Oct 27, 2010

DiSC Training Exercise: Everything DiSC Comparison Reports

If you're currently using Everything DiSC Profiles (Workplace, Management, Sales, 363 for Leaders), you have a powerful follow up tool at your fingertips: Everything DiSC Comparison Reports

The research-validated 11-page Comparison Reports help build better relationships and make DiSC training stick. Create these follow-up reports for any two Everything DiSC Profile participants to illustrate their similarities and differences.

You may run an unlimited number of Everything DiSC Comparison Reports for FREE within your EPIC Account.

Tips & ideas for using the Everything DiSC Comparison Reports to keep DiSC training alive:
  • After they’ve been introduced to DiSC, pair participants up and email them their Everything DiSC Comparison Reports
  • Ask the pairs to have a discussion about what resonated with them and what didn’t
  • Also have them discuss how they can each adapt their styles to better meet the other person's needs
  • Repeat this process every 2-4 weeks with different pairs
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Oct 5, 2010

DiSC Training Exercise: A Day in the Life

In this DiSC training activity each style will describe what it's like to be a high D, i, S, or C. Ask participants to meet in their primary style groups, and have each group create a poster that depicts a "day in the life of" a D, i, S, or C.

You may want to set the ground rules for the activity:
  • This is a learning activity for all DiSC styles
  • Please use respectful language that allows people to grow & learn
  • Be mindful that style is based on preference
  • Refrain from opinion and be objective in your learning and teach-backs
  • Resist the temptation to label or pigeon-hole
Give the groups 8 minutes to create their posters. When time is up, ask participants to stand as a group with their poster. Ask which group would like to go first. Give each group 7-9 minutes to present their poster. Then ask each group:
  • How can other styles learn to better relate to you?
  • How are you misunderstood?
  • What are your fears?
  • What is the value that you bring to a team?
  • What do you have to beware of with overusing your strengths?
Finally, ask the other groups to share what they value and appreciate about this group.
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Oct 4, 2010

Everything DiSC Pulse: The Annual Performance Review

In a recent study, Jeffrey Sugerman, President and CEO, and Mark Scullard, Director of Research, at Inscape Publishing reveal that not everyone hates performance reviews.

They asked 6,489 recent training participants about performance reviews. 94% said their feedback was positive. In addition, 87% said the review accurately described their performance and behavior, and 84% said that their review was useful. 90% said they were glad the review was included as part of their job.

Click to read the article The Annual Performance Review.