Jun 27, 2013

Sinking Ship (DiSC Activity)

Are your training activities feeling a little repetitive? Well in honor of summer, I would like to provide you with a new activity that is focused on a beloved summer activity, boating. 

To get started, divide your groups by their DiSC styles and give them each the following scenario:
You and three other people are in a four person row boat.  Your boat springs a leak.  You are in the middle of a very large lake and cannot see the shore. 
You have two oars, a cooler full of food and drinks, and one life preserver. 
One person can swim well and all others are poor swimmers.  Your boat is sinking fast. 
How would you go about solving your problem?
Give them no more than 5-7 minutes to discuss and illustrate on flip chart paper their steps for solving the problem. Encourage them to draw pictures!  Once they have shared their strategy to solve the problem, provide debriefs of how each style is different than the other and what is needed for success.  They will be able to apply these findings in the workplace with intact teams!
As a next step, hang up their posters in their workplace as a visual reminder of each style.
Please comment below how you think each DiSC style would react and fix a sinking ship!

Jun 21, 2013

Leadership: What does it mean to you?

Everyone has their view on what makes a good leader.  What do you think are some traits of an successful leader?

The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.
Theodore Roosevelt

Jun 14, 2013

Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, a Wiley Brand

With the acquisition of Inscape Publishing by John Wiley & Sons, Inc in February 2012, Resources Unlimited is now an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner instead of Authorized Distributor. 

With over 37 years in training and consulting, Resources Unlimited is thrilled with the acquisition and what it means for the services we provide to you.  We are continuously improving and expanding!

We are thrilled to report that we will be offering even more training and developing assessments and materials for your teams. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Innovation Assessment, and The Leadership Challenge are just a few of the new products that will be available in the future, in addition to the Everything DiSC products and reports.   

So in short, over the next 18 months, you will start to see “Wiley” on DiSC products that used to say “Inscape Publishing.”  The content or delivery of the assessments is not changing.  If you have any questions regarding the acquisitions and what it means for you, please send us an email!

Jun 7, 2013

Leadership Insights: An Executive Briefing

On June 5, 2013, 70 leaders came together in Des Moines (Iowa) to learn more how Work of Leaders can enhance their leadership programs or be a part of the groundwork for a new program. This book that is based around the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution and what that means for your organization.  Julie Straw, a contributing author, spoke about how the book was formed off research data and other text books ranging from classic to contemporary.  

The goal of the Work of Leaders is to take the classroom experience that has been so valuable for thousands of leaders and introduce the Vision, Alignment and Execution model to an even broader audience.

If you are interested in learning more about the Work of Leaders book or assessment and how it can impact your organization, contact us!

Jun 6, 2013

11 Ways to Make the Most of Your EPIC Account in 2013

1) Organize Your EPIC Account
Make a commitment to using folders and sub-folders in your EPIC Account to make comparison report and batch report generation a snap. Click for instructions on organizing unfiled reports in your EPIC Account.

2) Start Using the New Everything DiSC Profiles
The Everything DiSC Profiles and facilitation materials are 300% more customizable than DiSC Classic, and the Circular Model will make your training more Intuitive, Memorable, and Applicable. Click to learn more and to view samples of the Everything DiSC Profiles.

3) Keep DiSC Alive with Everything DiSC Comparison Reports - Free & Unlimited in EPIC!
After having participants complete an Everything DiSC Profile (Workplace, Management, Sales, Work of Leaders or 363 for Leaders), run free one-on-one Everything DiSC Comparison Reports to help build better relationships. View step-by-step instructions and tips for incorporating Everything DiSC Comparison Reports into your DiSC Training.

4) Save Time with New Batch Report Generation
The Batch Report Generation functions in EPIC allow you to generate a group of reports in a single process. Now you may also use batch report generation to create multiple Everything DiSC Comparison Reports all at once, rather than one report at a time! This is a huge time-saving feature, so if you haven't taken advantage of the free Comparison Reports, now is the time! Learn how to use Batch Report Generation in EPIC.

5) Run DiSC Group Culture Reports
The powerful DiSC Group Culture Report helps you understand the priorities, needs, goals, fears, emotions, and behaviors within your group's culture. This is a great tool to use with a newly organized team, or when new members join a team. Discuss the impact a group’s culture has on the entire organization. Improve the group's understanding of one another, address conflict, and examine the group culture.

6) Help Leaders Discover Their Greatest Strengths with the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile
Leaders at all levels will get concrete strategies for improving on areas that their raters want them to use more often. The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile is especially useful for individual development planning, leadership training, and team building with an intact team.

7) Keep DiSC Alive in Your Organization by Running Additional Everything DiSC Reports
For example, if you've had an employee complete the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile, you may generate an Everything DiSC Management, Sales, Work of Leaders or 363 Profile from their Everything DiSC Workplace scores. Participants will only have to answer a few additional questions for any of these additional assessments! View instructions for generating additional Everything DiSC Profiles in EPIC.

8) Try 1 New Profile Each Month in Your EPIC Account
Is 2013 the year you're going to help employees reduce stress at work and at home? Try the Coping With Stress Profile. Does your team need to brush up on their Time Management skills? Take the Time Mastery Profile. Then develop a plan for offering new training programs that utilize all of the EPIC Profiles.
Call 800.278.1292, mention this blog post, and we'll send you up to 2 complimentary online EPIC Profiles from our EPIC Account so you won't have to use your own EPIC Credits! Offer valid exclusively for Resources Unlimited EPIC customers.

9) Train New Employees in DiSC
DiSC is a great team-building tool to help new employees with the on-boarding process. DiSC will help the new employees get to know their new manager's and coworkers' styles and preferences.

10) Stock Up & Save Up to 35%
Stock up on EPIC Credits to save time and money in 2013. Order EPIC Credits Online or call 800.278.1292.

11) Attend a Virtual Showcase to Learn About the Newest Profiles in EPIC
Click to view our DiSC training calendar and reserve your seat today!

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