Jun 29, 2011

New EPIC Account Feature Saves You Time: Batch Editing

Batch Editing allows EPIC users to make changes to a group of DiSC or other online EPIC Profiles all at once, rather than just one report at a time within your EPIC Account.

These new EPIC Account functions allow you to:
  • Change report viewing settings
  • Convert an Everything DiSC® Profile to a customized, tailored version of the profile
  • Provide or remove access to Everything DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Maps
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Jun 21, 2011

Simplify Your DiSC Training with an EPIC Account

Today marks the official start of summer, and fall will be here before you know it!

A cost-effective way to prepare for your Q3 & Q4 DiSC training and coaching sessions is to get up and running with an online EPIC Account.

EPIC is the simplest way to deliver the newest and most advanced online DiSC assessments. The secure, web-based system scores and generates DiSC Profiles instantly, and offers you total control.

EPIC users love the convenience and time-saving benefits:

1) EPIC saves time and gives you 24/7 access. Profiles are scored instantly for you and reports are generated and printed in a few clicks. You can have your employees complete their DiSC assessments in advance so training time is used to its full advantage.

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Jun 8, 2011

Everything DiSC Group Culture Report Tip

Did you know that you can edit an Everything DiSC Group Culture Report report twice in your EPIC Account?

So, if you run an Everything DiSC Group Culture Report and your group changes, you can simply edit the report to add or remove people. You'll pay for a group report only once but really get 3 reports.