Apr 25, 2011

Everything DiSC Profiles & Facilitation Materials: The Same Great Content With a Fresh New Look

EPIC Account users who run Everything DiSC Profiles (Workplace | Management | Sales | 363 for Leaders) will want to to plan profile printing carefully over the next week.

The Everything DiSC Profiles will get a facelift to change the product name and brand on April 28, 2011 at 10 am CDT. The contents of the Everything DiSC products WILL NOT change.

Do You Own an Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit?
The contents haven't changed, but if you'd like your materials to match the new branding of the profiles, click to learn how to update your Everything DiSC facilitation materials.

Give Resources Unlimited a call if you have any questions about the changes. 800.278.1292

Everything DiSC

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership: New DiSC Leadership Book

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership:
DiSC Strategies for Becoming a Better Leader

by Jeffrey Sugerman, Ph.D., Mark Scullard, Ph.D., and Emma Wilhelm, MA
Based on the DiSC personality assessment—one of the most trusted, most widely used, and most scientifically validated tools available—The 8 Dimensions of Leadership identifies eight individual leadership styles and why they're important.

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership contains an access code to a short online DiSC assessment. Your DiSC Map will help you understand the psychological drivers, motivations, and "blind spots" characteristic of your primary leadership dimension.

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Apr 22, 2011

It's Earth Day! Make the Change from Paper to Online DiSC Assessments

For over 40 years Earth Day has motivated individuals and companies around the globe to help keep the planet clean and protect our environment.

We can all take small steps to live a little greener this year. One easy way for DiSC trainers to reduce their impact on the environment is to switch to using Online DiSC Profiles generated in their own web-based EPIC Account.

With EPIC, your DiSC Profiles and over 60 other online assessments are produced electronically, eliminating the environmental impact of printing and shipping paper assessments. Profiles are generated as PDF files that can be emailed and viewed on your laptop or iPad. EPIC also saves trainers classroom time by scoring profiles electronically.

Click to learn more and to open a FREE EPIC Account.

Apr 13, 2011

DiSC Training Exercise Using the DiSC In-Depth Cards

Test your training participants' knowledge of DiSC in a fun, interactive way!

The DiSC In-Depth Cards were developed as an exercise to challenge people to think about the differences between the four Dimensions of DiSC.

The activity takes 40-60 minutes, including debriefing of correct answers using the PowerPoint file provided.

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