Apr 27, 2010

DiSC Training Exercise Using the Everything DiSC Video

Incorporating DiSC video clips into your training offers an effective way to introduce participants to the DiSC styles. It also helps them learn how to read the DiSC styles of others.

Try the following exercise in your next training session:

After watching a clip of the DiSC Video, ask participants, "What behavior did you see?" Next ask them, "What did you hear?"

Play the same segment again, this time with the volume turned down, and ask the group to describe the behavior they observed. Watching the video without the volume helps participants tune in to the non-verbals.

The Everything DiSC Video on DVD comes with the Everything DiSC Facilitation System and is also sold separately. The 34-page viewing manual gives an overview of the video content plus step-by-step facilitation suggestions for each section.

Apr 26, 2010

New DiSC Leadership Development Product

Resources Unlimited CEO and President, Barbara Stennes, recently attended Inscape Publishing’s annual conference where she had a chance to preview the next product in the Everything DiSC Application Library.

Inscape's yet-to-be-released Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders™ combines the best of 360° reports with the power and simplicity of DiSC. Read more about Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders.

Generating Additional DiSC Reports in Your EPIC Account

A client we spoke with recently was pleased to learn that they could generate another report for an individual within their EPIC Account without having them complete the response section again. They were equally happy to learn they didn't have to enter tally box scores manually into EPIC to create the new report.

This feature applies to the DiSC Classic 2.0, DiSC Classic 2 Plus, DiSC General Characteristics Reports, and the Everything DiSC Profiles (Workplace | Management | Sales).

For example, if an employee takes the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile, you may also generate the Everything DiSC Management Profile from their Everything DiSC Workplace scores.

Visit our EPIC Account User Guide to learn more.

Apr 19, 2010

Additional DiSC Training Programs for Conflict Management

In our last post we discussed how to use Everything DiSC Classic to address conflict. Below we'll take a look at other DiSC profiles and training programs to consider.

idXready DiSC Conflict Management is a complete conflict management training program with facilitation materials, PowerPoint, video, and customizable workbooks. The scripted facilitation is broken into five 50-minute modules, which makes it easy to deliver the training in one day or over time.

Everything DiSC Management discusses how conflict affects the motivation of each of the DiSC styles, and Dealing with Conflict when working with your Manager.

Everything DiSC Workplace addresses "What To Do When Things Get Tense" within the profile and also on the back of the Everything DiSC Workplace Guides.

Apr 15, 2010

Use DiSC for Conflict Management

Many of our clients use DiSC training and coaching to address conflict management. The Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System is a great resource that contains a number of ready-to-use, fully-scripted course outlines and participant handouts for conflict management and a variety of other applications.

The facilitation system includes the following training modules for conflict management:
  • Managing Conflict and Resistance (Full-Day Seminar)
  • Reducing Conflict (Full-Day Seminar)

Everything DiSC Classic is appropriate for trainers and coaches who use the following profiles:

* DiSC Classic Paper Profile
* Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile
* DiSC PPSS Online (General Characteristics Report)

Click to view a complete list of the training modules found in the Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System.

Apr 14, 2010

Can I Create a DiSC Group Culture Report Using DiSC General Characteristics Reports?

Thank you to our clients who participated in our EPIC Account Tutorial today!

A question came up during the webinar that we thought other DiSC / EPIC users may have.

Question: Can I create a DiSC Group Culture Report for a group of learners who have completed the DiSC General Characteristics Report?

Answer: Yes, you may create DiSC Group Culture Reports and DiSC Facilitator Reports using DiSC Classic 2.0, DiSC Classic 2 Plus, or DiSC General Characteristics Reports (DiSC PPSS). Simply follow the instructions found in our EPIC Account User Guide.