May 28, 2009

Inscape Publishing's Newest DiSC Profile - Everything DiSC Workplace Has Arrived

Inscape Publishing announced the release of their newest Everything DiSC Online Profile this week. Everything DiSC® Workplace™ the newest training program in the Everything DiSC Application Library, was created to help build more effective and productive working relationships.

The 20-page DiSC Profile is appropriate for all employees, regardless of title or role. DiSC Trainers will love the flexibility and customization options Everything DiSC Workplace offers. Trainers can change the title, remove or rearrange pages, or print only certain sections.

The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile (created within the online EPIC platform) may be used on its own, but an Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit (shipping June 30) is a must-have item for DiSC trainers. The kit includes PowerPoint with embedded video, fully-scripted modular facilitation with activities, handouts, and more.

View an Everything DiSC Workplace Profile sample.

Free Everything DiSC Follow Up Reports
11-page research-validated Everything DiSC Comparison Reports reports can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities and differences at no additional charge in your EPIC Account.

Ask Great Questions, Listen - Keys to Becoming Approachable

Meredith Bell's most recent article offers great advice for becoming more approachable. Engage people in a topic they care deeply about by asking great "passion-finding" questions to get the conversation flowing naturally. Then listen carefully so you can ask follow up questions to discover what matters most to them.

Read Are You Approachable?

For those looking to boost their listening skills, I recommend the Personal Listening Profile, an online assessment that helps you learn to listen and respond with purpose.

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