Oct 28, 2016

What is the ROI on DISC training?

Many companies have asked the Resources Unlimited teams, what or how to measure the Return On Investment of implementing DISC. This particular question is hard for many DISC providers to answer because measuring team trust, team culture, management skills, and communication is extremely difficult. That being said, Tony Simons wrote a great article entitled, The High Cost of Lost Trust which measures the connection between profitability and a managers' ability to keep his promises according to the employees. The results below are reflective of 6,500 employees survey.

"Hotels where employees strongly believed their managers followed through on promises and demonstrated the values they preached were substantially more profitable than those whose managers scored average or lower. So strong was the link, in fact, that a one-eighth point improvement in a hotel’s score on the five-point scale could be expected to increase the hotel’s profitability by 2.5% of revenues—in this study, that translates to a profit increase of more than $250,000 per year per hotel. No other single aspect of manager behavior that we measured had as large an impact on profits."
~Tony Simons 

The ROI on DISC training could be the difference between closing your doors or hiring more people. Being able to communicate and understand your team is crucial to your teams' success as reflected above.

By Resources Unlimited