Sep 19, 2006

The 3 Families of DiSC

DiSC Classic
The DiSC Classic Profile is the original and most widely known DiSC assessment. It has been used for over 30 years and taken by over 40 million people worldwide. The DiSC Model is related to how you interact with your environment. Do you see the environment as favorable or unfavorable? Do you see yourself as more or less powerful than your environment?

If you are planning to use DiSC profiles for your DiSC training seminar, you will want to choose the DiSC Classic Profile when individuals want to gain an understanding of self and others. Are your clients/employees asking "Why do I behave or respond the way that I do?" or "Why do I feel different from others in my group?" or "What can I do to better understand my co-workers?"

DiSC Classic helps employees at all levels to:
  • better understand behavioral differences between people
  • better understand their own behavior
  • better understand the behavior of others
  • promote appreciation of differences
DiSC Classic is available in 2 formats:
*Management, Sales, and Team Building applications are available with the DiSC online profile.

DiSC PPSS (General Characteristics)
DiSC PPSS is an in-depth DiSC report. It is often used by trainers and consultants as a follow up to the DiSC Classic. DiSC PPSS has 50 categories of applied behavior with key application areas. Many people like its easy-to-read bullet format.

Choose the DiSC PPSS when individuals want to gain a deeper understanding of self in specific applications. Are your clients/employees asking "When I'm working in a sales environment, why do I sometimes feel like I'm not getting through to my customer?" Are the managers asking "Why do I seem to conncet better with some employees than others?" or "How can I modify my behavior to more effectively manage certain employees?" Are coworkers asking "What are some strategies for problem solving with others?"

DiSC PPSS helps employees at all levels to:
  • better understand their own behavior
  • learn how and when to adapt their behavior
  • improve communication and reduce conflict
  • enhance individual and team performance
DiSC PPSS formats:

*Management, Sales, and Team Building applications are available with the DiSC PPSS.

DiSC Indra
DiSC Indra is the newest member of the DiSC family. It offers 3 levels of relationship insight:
360 degrees of expression (self), 360 degrees of relationship (one-on-one), 360 degrees of influence (group).

DiSC Indra will explain why you are more comfortable and more effective working with others. Are your clients/employees asking "How can I improve my relationship with my coworker?" Are members of the team asking "What can we do to work more effectively with each other? Are some employees concerned that the majority of employees in their department are a different style and they wonder how they can fit in?

DiSC Indra helps employees at all levels to:
  • explore relationship dynamics of two or more people, teams, departments, or entire organizations
  • discover strategies for increasing comfort and effectiveness in specific one-on-one relationships
  • improve comfort and effectiveness in team, coaching, and leadership situations
  • resolve conflict
DiSC Indra Formats

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