Sep 6, 2006

DiSC Humor

Getting on a busy elevator…
  • The D walks up, gets on the elevator, and pushes the button that closes the door.
  • The i lets others in, says “Always room for one more,” and “Come in, you’re going to be late; we’ll wait for you!”
  • The S will wait in line, moving from one line to another, unable to make adecision.
  • The C will get on the elevator. If it’s crowded, the C will count the number ofpeople and, if the number is over the limit, will make someone get off.

Shopping for groceries…

  • The D is the impulse shopper. No list.
  • The i tells you where everything is in the store, whether you ask or not.
  • The S is prepared, has a list, and gets it done efficiently.
  • The C wouldn’t think of going shopping without coupons and a calculator.

On the golf course…

  • The D frequently drives through groups of golfers.
  • The i spends more time in the clubhouse talking than on the course.
  • The S plays golf the same day, the same time, the same place, using the same clubs.
  • The C keeps score, plays strictly by the rules, and cleans his or her clubs a lot.

Hanging wallpaper…

  • The D says, “Come over Saturday and help me wallpaper. And bring the paste.” The D then starts in the middle of the living room. The patterns don’t match. The D says, “So what? That’s what drapes and pictures are for.”
  • The i has the wallpaper in the closet with the paste. It’s on the list of things to do. The i never gets around to it.
  • The S has to find a pattern that everyone likes before even beginning to think about hanging it.
  • The C starts in a closet or in the garage to be sure the pattern is going to match. The C then gets it exactly right before starting on the living room.

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