Sep 28, 2016

How To Love Your Career?

Do you love your career? Its okay to say "Yes." If you do or know someone who does, then you need to make a "change." According to Jenny Blake, former career coach at Google and author of Pivot makes the case that anyone who is unhappy at work needs to try something new in order to find the role they love. These "changes" can be as big as changing your career path or as small as volunteering for the next project in your current role. By having these experiences, you are beginning the process to finding the love back for your career.

If you do not know how to start this process, follow the simple plan below:
1. Find out your natural strengthens and weaknesses
2. Discover what drives you or what gives you energy
3. Review your findings and start exploring projects, tasks, ideas, etc... around your natural strengthens and energy boosters.
4. Focus your future around those projects or task and you will begin to love your career again.

This simple plan will change your world and make a difference in everyone you meet.

By Resources Unlimited

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