Nov 15, 2010

DiSC Training Exercise: Everything DiSC Comparsion Reports II

In our last DiSC Blog post we introduced you to the Everything DiSC Comparison Reports, which are free for our EPIC Account clients.

This week we're giving you step-by-step instructions and tips for incorporating Everything DiSC Comparison Reports into your DiSC Training.

Everything DiSC Comparison Report Pre-Work

Individual Meetings
Begin by asking participants for their thoughts on the feedback they received in the comparison report. Next, lead them through a discussion and discovery process using the information you haven't already discussed on pages 5-10 in their Comparison Report(s). Ask them to share their Action Plan from page 11, discuss options, and provide guidance as needed.

Large Group Session
Schedule a large group session with all people who participated in the initial DiSC training session. Ask participants to pair up with the person from their Comparison Report.


Coaching Session
Schedule coaching sessions for each of the Comparison Report pairs and give them time to discuss their discoveries from completing the Comparison Reports. Give them questions to guide their discussion. Here are some ideas:
  • Discuss your similarities and differences from pages 5-10 in your Comparison Reports.
  • Does the feedback on your similarities and differences fit for both of you? If not, which pieces don't fit?
  • Share your rankings of traits that are most or least important to your relationship from page 11.
    - Can you agree on the top three?
    - Are there other important traits you'd add to this list?
  • What can each of you do to adapt your behavior to meet the needs of the other on those three most important traits?
  • What will you do if you feel that your needs aren't being met?
  • When should you evaluate your progress? (specific date)
Additional Everything DiSC Comparison Report Tips
During large group or coaching sessions, visit with the pairs and facilitate discussion as needed. They may or may not require direction from you, but it's important to be available in case mediation is needed.

Ask each pair to share the date they plan to evaluate their progress with you, and let them know you'll follow up with each of them at that time to find out how things are going and if there are other ways that you can support them.
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  1. It is interesting to note that when you compare two similar “i styles,” "d styles," etc. you may see they aren't necessarily similar at all on the trait continuum. The Everything DiSC Comparison Report shows how different two individuals are on 9 traits and provides tips on working more effectively with one another. So, you may find out that two i styles that are almost on the exact same spot on the DiSC graph really aren't that similar at all!

  2. Another idea for using the comparison reports: Randomly put people in pairs and give them a fictitious project or topic to discuss for 5 minutes. Then give them their Everything DiSC Comparison Reports and have them work through the reports together. Have the pair revisit the topic you gave them and see how learning about one another's styles helped to improve the discussion.