Jul 30, 2008

New DiSC Profile Helps Managers Bring Out the Best in Every Employee

We're very excited about the latest DiSC training program from Inscape Publishing's "Everything DiSC" series.

The Everything DiSC Management Profile provides a 26-page report that helps managers understand themselves, their employees, and their own bosses.

Everything DiSC Management focuses on 5 important areas of management:

  1. Your DiSC Management Style

  2. Directing and Delegating

  3. Motivation

  4. Developing Others

  5. Working with YOUR Manager

Clients are raving about the customization options Everything DiSC Management offers.

The profile itself is EPIC-based so you can run it right from your own EPIC Account. This allows you to remove or rearrange pages, print only selected sections, or customize the report title.

For example, you could alter the report cover to say, "XYZ Company Management Report" rather than the default title "Everything DiSC Management."

The Everything DiSC Management Facilitation System includes 6 one-hour modules, fully-scripted facilitation with interactive learning activities, facilitator notes, participant handouts, research information, and engaging video built right into the PowerPoint presentation.

Get the full details about Everything DiSC Management at http://www.resourcesunlimited.com/.

The DiSC Experts at Resources Unlimited

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  1. A great new way to experience the Everything DiSC Management Facilitation System & Everything DiSC Profile first-hand is to attend one of the upcoming Everything DiSC Management Showcases around the U.S.

    Visit the Resources Unlimited web site for the full list of Showcase dates & locations.

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