Apr 21, 2008

Resources Unlimited's Helpful Audio Descriptions For Inscape Publishing's Products and Services

Recently we have been experimenting with new ways to enhance the visitor experience on our website. We chose a couple of topics that are frequently questioned and recorded some helpful audio descriptions. We know that you don’t always have time to attend a webinar on a specific topic of interest. These descriptions were designed with respect of your time in mind, as the longest one is 4:19 in run time. Currently, we have three topics posted. I have included short description of each below:

1. EPIC – How to assign an access code – Click here to log in to your EPIC Account and follow along!
2. EPIC – Learn about how an EPIC Account can benefit you
3. DiSC Certification – Learn about your options for becoming a certified DiSC Trainer

Are there any specific topics that YOU think would be helpful to cover in an audio description? If so, please leave your request in a comment, or feel free to contact us using the information below:

Phone: 515.278.1292
Email: Info@ResourcesUnlimited.com\

The DiSC Experts at Resources Unlimited

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