Oct 2, 2007

Train Frontline Managers More Effectively Using The Power of DiSC

idXready DiSC Frontline Management is a new, innovative training program from Inscape Publishing. DiSC Frontline Management provides DiSC trainers with a fully-scripted half-day training program that is perfect for those who are in a supervisory role or first-level management role. Trainers will also receive cutting-edge video that's built right into the PowerPoint presentation.

DiSC Frontline Management Video Sample

Click here to view the DiSC Frontline Management Video Sample

Click the image for Sample PowerPoint, Leaders's Guide, Workbook, & Video (See slide 7 for video sample)

DiSC Frontline Management Participants Will:

  • Learn four different approaches to management
  • Discover their own unique management style
  • Understand their unique strengths and challenges as managers
  • Recognize how they manage when communicating, delegating, directing people, developing people, decision-making, managing time, problem-solving, motivating others
  • Identify different responses to their management strengths and understand how strengths can be overused
  • Create individual action plans based on their unique management strengths and challenges to aid them in managing productively and effectively

Visit the Resources Unlimited site for information on idXready DiSC Frontline Management and to order this powerful facilitation package today!

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