Jun 28, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

In light of the 4th of July, we want to celebrate our freedoms and thank all those who made sacrifices for our freedoms. We cannot thank you enough!

To bring recognition to some of our founding fathers, we have selected one father for each DISC Style. To see which founding father you are most like click here ( for entertainment purposes only)

D: Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton is best known for being the first Secretary of the Treasury and being on the ten dollar bill. He was a brilliant and self-confident father. He was driven for results and had little time for incompetent people. He was also a hot-tempered and impulsive man. That being said, his demise was due to his hot-temper and his ego getting the best of him when he lost a duel to Aaron Burr.

I: Benjamin Franklin

Franklin is best known for being a visionary and community leader. He was the life of the party and could influence the masses to unite. In fact, he was the father that convinced the French to join the American Revolution. Franklin is known for being creativity, clever and eccentric in all that he accomplished. He was one of the first American celebrities.

S: George Washington

Washington is best known for being the first President of the United States and leader of the Continental Army. He was known as a man of few words or observer. This personality trait attributed to his ability to strategies militarily against the British. He was also even-tempered, reasonable, and had the ability to compromise which lead to the great success in building the nations government.

C: Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson is best known for writing the Declaration of Independence and being the third President of the United States. He was known for being a perfectionist in all his tasks and able to remove his emotions from his decisions. In addition, he paid no attention to fashion and looked for comfort rather than attention. When the Louisiana Purchase came a crossed his desk, he studied both sides of the deal and made the most logical decision based on the facts which lead to the best investment in American history.

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