Jan 5, 2010

Looking for Cutting-Edge Training Video & Ready-to-Go Training Programs?

idXready training programs from Inscape Publishing integrate and synchronize every aspect of the learning experience, from participant pre-work to individualized workbooks; from rich, contemporary video embedded into PowerPoint, plus proven processing activities.

You can use the comprehensive idXready facilitation systems with the EPIC-based idXready assessments / workbooks, or the cutting-edge video can stand on its own so you may incorporate it into your own training programs.

Checkout the 6 idXready Training Programs:

  1. DiSC Frontline Management

  2. DiSC Conflict Management

  3. DiSC-Powered Selling

  4. Capitalizing on Team Talents

  5. Collaborative Skills for Teams

  6. Improving Your Listening Skills

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