Jun 10, 2009

Everything DiSC Comparison Reports

DiSC: Everything DiSC Application Library
We're very excited about the NEW Everything DiSC Comparison Reports that Inscape Publishing created for the Everything DiSC Profiles (Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Sales, Everything DiSC Management).

The Everything DiSC Comparison Reports may be used for two individuals who have completed any of the DiSC Profiles in the Everything DiSC Application Library. If, for example, a manager completes the Everything DiSC Management Profile, they may compare their report to an employee who completed an Everything DiSC Workplace Profile.

In the example above, the manager would receive one version of the Comparison Report from their own profile's perspective and their employee would receive a second Comparison Report from their profile's perspective.

What else do we love about the Comparison Reports? Anyone with an EPIC Account may run an unlimited number of Comparison Reports for free!

The DiSC Experts at Resources Unlimited

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