Sep 29, 2008

Celebrity DiSC Styles & DiSC Humor

It’s a busy time in the news these days with the upcoming election. One thing that I love to do when the news starts to flair up is to try and decipher the behavioral styles of the people that I see on TV. It can be a movie star, a TV show character, or your local news anchorperson! Doing this little personal DiSC exercise proves to be very entertaining to me. Here are some examples of public figures that we have analyzed:

¨ High D’s

o David Letterman
o Tiger Woods

¨ High i’s

o Oprah Winfrey
o Jay Leno

¨ High S’s

o Mother Theresa
o Martin Luther King

¨ High C’s

o Woody Allen
o Martha Stewart

I would love to hear about your predictions about the following political figures’ DiSC behavioral styles! Please post your responses in a comment!

¨ Hillary Clinton
¨ John McCain
¨ Barack Obama
¨ George W. Bush

Another thing I love to do is read through some DiSC Humor. For example:

Getting on a busy elevator…

¨ The D walks up, gets on the elevator, and pushes the button that closes the door.
¨ The i lets other in, says “Always room for one more,” and “Come in, you’re going to be late; we’ll wait for you!”
¨ The S will wait in line, moving from one line to another, appearing unable to make a decision.
¨ The C will get on the elevator. If it’s crowded, the C will count the number of people and, if the number is over the limit, will make someone get off.

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