Dec 14, 2006

Today's idXready Webinar

This morning's idXready Webinar demonstrated how trainers can use idXready to improve classroom learning. Barbara Stennes, CEO of Resources Unlimited hosted call. We were also very fortunate to have Julie Straw, VP of Sales and Training from Inscape Publishing join us as a special guest. Julie did a great job of explaining idXready and answering questions. She was involved in the development of idXready and has used the idXready programs to facilitate training sessions. Since many of our clients are long-time users of Inscape Publishing's products, they really enjoyed the opportunity to speak directly with Julie.

Here was our event agenda:

We had a good mix of EPIC Account clients, DiSC Paper Profile clients, and new clients on the call with us. The idXready features our attendees seemed to like the most were: integrated video, editable PowerPoint slides, and the half-day format of the idXready programs. Stay tuned for future idXready Webinar and Public events! Or, visit our webisite at: for more information on the 6 brand new idXready programs.

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