Oct 13, 2006

New Inscape Publishing Products Coming SOON!

Here at Resources Unlimited, we are preparing for the release of new Inscape Publishing products. These products are unique to the market and will reduce valuable time in preparing for your DiSC training sessions.

Here is a discription of these new Inscape Publishing products, straight from Julie Straw, Vice President of Sales and Training at Inscape.

I’m writing today to make sure you are aware that Inscape will be releasing several new, unique products at MindLab Forty-Eight in Minneapolis, October 20-21.

What’s New?
You’ve seen the introduction of EPIC, our on-line platform for assessment delivery; and the launch of Everything DiSC Facilitation System, our most comprehensive DiSC resource. These product introductions have set the stage for our new products—designed to support your facilitation of DiSC and other EPIC-based products in key areas, such as sales training, front-line management, and teams.

These new products are designed to save you time because the curriculum development is done for you. You’ll see new integrated video, built right into the PowerPoint presentations. We also added detailed leader notes you can edit. Plus, you’ll see new, comprehensive, personalized participant handouts. The curriculum development, including a leader’s guide, PowerPoint, incorporated DVD, and personalized participant handouts is all done for you.

I will keep you posted as we get closer to the release of these new products!

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